17 Effective Positive Communication Exercises To Help Others Enjoy Deeper, Healthier and More Productive Relationships

17 Effective Positive Communication Exercises To Help Others Enjoy Deeper, Healthier and More Productive Relationships

This pack contains the highest-rated positive communication tools that our practitioners use for their own development, in coaching, for teaching, or in a therapeutic setting.

Practitioners have reported that these exercises have created breakthrough moments in the professional and personal relationships of their clients.

17 Essential Tools to Better Help Others...

This package includes 17 practical tools covering a wide range of positive communication techniques including:

Non-violent Communication | Needs Satisfaction | Boundaries | Strengths  | Values | Listening

All tools are rooted in science and include references, practical advice and a detailed description of how to use the tool.

Advantage #1

Master proven methods to increase the relationships of the people you work with.

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Proven impact

Extend your offering with communication tools and interventions.

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Become an expert

Use these tools to positive communication to your professional arsenal.

You Will Be Equipped With The Following Tools...

  • Practicing Empathic Listening: Help your clients to practice three core components of empathic listening: pausing/wait time, paraphrasing, and reflecting feelings.
  • Mindless versus Mindful Listening: Help your clients practice and experience mindful and unmindful communication through listening and talking exercises.
  • The Four-Step Non-Violent Communication Process: This tool provides an overview of the four-step non-violent communication process, which can help your clients increase empathy and compassion in communication.
  • Active-Constructive Responding: Help your clients increase awareness of how one’s reactions to the good news of others can affect their wellbeing.
  • Small Talk to Build Connection: Help clients feel socially connected by making small talk with a stranger.
  • ​Listening Without Trying to Solve: Help your clients understand the difference between listening to a personal problem with and without trying to solve it, in order to learn which is the more beneficial approach.
  • Strengths- and Values-Based Introductions: Help your clients introduce themselves to others in a meaningful way by sharing information about their strengths and values.
  • ​Basic Need Satisfaction through Communication: Help train your clients in using communication styles that promote basic needs satisfaction and facilitate behavioral change.
  • ​Making an Effective Request for Action: Help your clients formulate effective action requests with the use of this tool.
  • Three Loving Connections: Increase the experience of love within your clients by seeking out three meaningful interactions and reflecting on them.
  • Setting Boundaries in Difficult Conversations: Help your clients feel more capable and less fearful when they need to verbally set personal boundaries.
  • Fast Friends: Help your clients to facilitate the formation of connection and closeness between people.
  • Apologizing Effectively: Help your clients formulate an effective apology by satisfying the needs of the offended person.
  • Brief Non-Violent Communication Exercises: Help your clients familiarize themselves with non-violent communication and allow them to practice this.
  • Universal Needs Inventory: Help your clients identify and communicate their personal needs.
  • Giving Negative Feedback Positively: Teach your clients to deliver negative feedback in a way that is constructive and conducive to well-being, rather than harsh and judgmental.
  • ​My Boundary Response Plan: Help your clients create a habit of regulating their emotions during stressful communication situations to stay calm and verbally set personal boundaries
"This package has contributed measurably and immeasurably to the well-being of people with whom I interact. Their lives are clearer of purpose and more fulfilling in outcomes as well as processes".
Stephen R. Mills Corporate Trainer California, US
This is a great resource for my coaching and counseling work as well as for presentations I give. It’s great to have everything packaged in convenient ways for client use and keeps me abreast of Positive Psychology developments.
Dr. Richelle Anderson Clinical Psychologist Wisconsin, US
"Thanks so much for these wonderful resources. I'm a MAPP student at University of East London & a wellness practitioner for the past 20+years. These tools are an essential part of my box of tricks when developing a program or workshop - thank you!"
Tara Killen Executive Coach Ireland

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About the author 

Hugo Alberts (Ph.D.) has over 15 years’ experience teaching positive psychology to thousands of people at universities, companies, healthcare facilities, and government agencies. 

His aim was to create a quick and powerful collection of tools. Upon going through the literature, these 17 tools that surfaced as the most effective, the most impactful and easy to implement
"I really enjoy PositivePsychology.com and all of the onsite and resources that come with it. This is the best investment I have made with my practice."
Laura Fernie Personal Development Coach Hawaii, U
"I would like you to know that the whole my therapeutic practice lives just because of your work, your articles and especially these tools. I spend nearly every evening translating your materials to the Czech language and then I use it in my work every day. I feel much better and more competent."
Eva Janštová Psychologist Czech Republic
"I am thankful to you for the resources. I cannot overemphasise how these tools you have shared with me have benefited me in the individual and group work I am currently involved in. This stuff does the work for you. You just have to present it."
Andre Robinson Psychotherapist Chicago, Illinois, US
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